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LI Series Drying Oven
LI Series Drying Oven
LI Series

Horizontal and vertical forced air type,good temperature uniformity.
Microprocessor controller(with temperature correction and timing function), accurate and reliable.
Large LCD screen display.
High quality stainless steel chamber, removable shelf, easy-to-clean.

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Drying Oven LDO SeriesLDO300 LDO 400 LDO 500 LDO 600
Drying Oven LDO Series

LDO300, LDO 400, LDO 500, LDO 600

Microprocessor controller accurate and reliable.
Large LCD screen display.
Best quality stainless steel chamber, removable shelf, easy-to-clean.
Silicon sealing ring for reliable sealing.
Equipped with leakage protection.
Equipped with spare temperature control which ensures the product work normally even the main temp.control failed.

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Water Bath
Water Bath
LWT and LTT Series

LTT Series, built in O rings for multi size of flask
LWT Series, with stainless steel rack inside

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Shaking Incubator
Shaking Incubator
LYZ Series

Integrated with incubator and shaker to save space and cost.
ABS shell, polished stainless steel chamber.
Large LCD screen to display temperature and shaking speed.
With operation data memory function to eliminate faulty operation.

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Biochemical IncubatorCooling Incubator
Biochemical Incubator
(Cooling Incubator)
LBI-80, LBI-150, LBI-200, LBI-250, LBI-300, LBI-400

Water jacket and air jacket structure are available, polished stainless-steel chamber with air duct. Equipped with fan for forced convection, ensuring good temperature uniformity and the balance of CO2 concentration inside.

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Climate Chamber
Climate Chamber

Intelligent Control
Multi-Segment Program Control
Safety Function
Optional Wireless Alarm System

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